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The Flagship Dolphin Premier.

Lower, sleeker, and perched on a wider stance, the striking presence of the All-New Dolphin Premier presents a new standard for the modern robotic pool cleaner. Premier is built to push the boundaries of connected, autonomous and self-cleaning pools.


The New Generation.

The Premier Dolphin pool cleaner was designed from the ground up for best in industry agility, maneuverability and waterline performance. With a groundbreaking list of patented features, we present that fully autonomous robot that shows just how far we're willing to go.

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HyperGrip Rubber Tracks

High performance pool cleaning begins with precise tracking. Pool surfaces are difficult for a wheel to grip. The layer of water in the contact patch of an ordinary wheel allows slippage. Slippage results in wasted energy and poor performance. The much greater surface area of a rubber track improves directional control and deliver substantially more force than wheels. The Premier robot features aggressive rubber tracks for superior power delivery, better control and precise tracking. Wheel slippage is eliminated. Energy is conserved.


One Robot. Four Media Types.

Get the only Robot that has four media types, and lets you swap media in seconds. Premier's swappable filtration deliver a whole new level of performance and convenience. Got leaves? Don't get caught withiout this oversized bag.

MULTIMEDIA™ specially designed for leaves


The Genius of Multimedia

MultiMedia is a new Dolphin pool cleaner feature that offers up to four types of media in one pool cleaner. Specific types of media work best for specific jobs. That's why Premier gives you the power to use any of the following media: micro-cartridges, standard cartridges, oversized debris bag, and disposable debris bags.

For the first time ever, no matter which media type you choose, you won’t be making a compromise. That's because Premier allows you to change your media type in just seconds. Want to clean fine debris and algae that passes through other cleaners? Go micro-filter. Need to pick up a bushel of leaves? Go oversized media bag.

dolphin Multimedia


Waterline Cleaning Expert.

Premier focuses on cleaning areas that need it most, yet regular robots miss. For example, the waterline. Did you know only 1% of the debris in a typical pool is suspended in water? The other 99% is attached to the wall, most especially the scum line – the area near the waterline where bacteria, algae, and biofilm accumulate. While most cleaners only vacuum loose debris, Premier scrubs and cleans all surfaces with powerful spinning brushes - dislodging dirt, debris and other contaminants.

Dual Stabilizers

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dolphin pool cleaners
dolphin robotic pool cleaners

Waterline Engineered

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Dual Stabilizers Reach New Heights

In a radical departure from ordinary cleaners, the Premier pool cleaner was designed to clean all pool surfaces including the tile and waterline with pinpoint precision. For the first time ever, Dual Control Stabilizers and advanced microprocessor logic enable precise control and positioning of the robot. While other cleaners fall from the wall, the onboard 3,000 RPM DC motor allows Premier to remain firmly planted against the wall all the way to the top.

Premier Dolphin pool cleaners reach every square inch of the pool. Spinning at nearly one revolution per second, high speed rotational brushes handle difficult colonies of bacteria, algae, and biofilm with ease. Premier reaches deep inside pool corners, scrubs, and vacuums so you don't have to.


Change the way you clean forever.

Every mountain range has its pinnacle. Every sport, its champion. Every breakthrough, its inventor. In the history of the robotic pool cleaner, one robot makes history time and again, not just by raising the standard, but advancing it in ways you never imagined possible.


Plenty of Smart to Go Around.

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Efficiency Demands Power.

Premier boasts a pair of larger, more powerful motors precisely controlled via microcontroller. Twin motors raise efficiency, and suction power. And its advanced, adaptive and highly adept chassis with dual stabilizers were engineered for an ideal balance of composure and confidence. Because of this philosophy, Dolphin has succeeded in reducing the energy consumption of today’s pool cleaner by nearly 90%.

Dual High Output Motors

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Ultra-Efficient DC Motors

There was an opportunity to get more from less. To optimize the work input to work output. Enter the era of robotic pool cleaners. Inefficient AC motors were eliminated. Powerful permanent magnet DC motors were installed onboard the Dolphin Premier cleaner, eliminating friction losses and backpressure.

Famous for a high ration of torque to inertia, the DC motor can provide up to five time it's rated torque, without stalling. 24 volt DC motors require 87% less energy than the motors that power old fashioned pool cleaners. The Premier Dolphin pool cleaner runs on just 180 watts for an operating costs of just 5 cents per hour.


Energy Efficiency Leader

The Premier dolphin pool cleaner provides a whole new focus on sustainability. The first automatic pool cleaner was invented in 1974. It required an old fashioned AC motor to push water through pipe to propel the cleaner and provide suction. Forcing water through long, small diameter pipes under high pressure creates friction and backpressure. Pool cleaners that run on conventional AC motors burn a staggering 1,470 watts of energy. Millions of pool owners still rely on inefficient suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners that wastes hundreds of dollars each year.

Easy In. Easy Out.

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Engineered Cable

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360 Tangle-Free Swivel

The underwater 360 degrees cable swivel is one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in the pool cleaner industry. No surprisingly, Dolphin engineers invented the underwater robotic swivel. But you don’t need to be an engineer to understand the benefits of tangle-free operation. For many years the twisting and turning of pool cleaners turned even the best engineered robots into a tangled web. Tangles destroy both performance and efficiency. But that's history. Each Dolphin Premier is fitted with a maintenance free swivel as standard.


Hundreds of 4 and 5 Star Reviews

Premier boasts a pair of larger, more powerful motors precisely controlled via microcontroller. Twin motor raises efficiency, and suction power. And its advanced, adaptive and highly adept chassis with dual stabilizers were engineered for an ideal balance of composure and confidence.

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Say hello to enerjoy.

Leading the way in both technology and efficiency, the Premier keeps the tried and true while embracing innovation. Both inside and out, the Premier is the flagship of what’s technically possible. The promise of change is what makes the future exciting. And the more we innovate, the more opportunities we find to create superior experiences. From the fully electric world of Dolphin to the powerful multi-motor designs, our goal is to create a future that delivers more.


SmartNav Robotic Scanning

When you unleash a Dolphin Premier into your pool, it doesn't just wonder aimlessly around like most pool cleaners. Smart-Nav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Premier calculates the optimal pattern for faster cleaning and improved efficiency. With the ability to sense ladders and drains, Premier pool cleaners won't get hung up like ordinary pool cleaners. Microprocessor controlled Pool Scanning ensures complete efficient pool surface coverage.

Smart Mapping

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Pushing Robotic Boundaries.

The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is manufactured by Maytronics, the pioneer and world leader in autonomous robotic pool cleaners. Established in 1983, Maytronics revolutionized the robotic pool cleaner industry and today, the Dolphin Premier is the inventory of what is possible.

The latest generation of Dolphin pool cleaners have been internationally recognized as the leading pool cleaning robots and are now sold worldwide in over 42 countries.


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