The Dolphin Premier

Eco-Friendly Robotic Pool Cleaners for all pool types

With a groundbreaking list of patented features, the latest generation of Dolphin robot products has been internationally recognized as the leading pool cleaning robots and is now sold worldwide in over 42 countries.

The multidisciplinary Dolphin systems are extensively tested in real-world conditions, and conform to ISO 9001, 2000 edition, CE/ETL regulations and are RoHS Compliant (Lead free components).

Maytronics’ easy-access service centers are located close to you, and provide fast repair, convenience and efficiency. Most repairs can be performed by the selling dealer or even the pool owner.

Maytronics US, Inc. and Dolphin robotic cleaners are proud to offer eco-friendly cleaning technology for all pool types and sizes. These robotic cleaners cost as little as 15 cents per cleaning to operate and reduce the need for chemicals and backwashing.

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hypergrip tracks

HyperGrip™ Track System

Rubber tracks grip the wall of your pool in a way that wheels simply can’t, delivering unmatched agility.

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Advanced Power Clean Brush

Advanced PowerClean™ Brush

Spinning at high RPM, PowerClean brushes clean and scrub to remove even the most difficult algae and biofilm.

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True Waterline Scrubbing

True Waterline Scrubbing

Premier thoroughly cleans and scrubs every square inch of the pool, including coves, walls, and the waterline.

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