Multi-Media Filtration

Within the Dolphin ProLine™, the Engineers at Maytronics gave the Dolphin Premier Multi-Media™ Filtration. This new game-changing filter technology allows you to switch between 4 filter media types in seconds. Whether you have a bunch of leaves or tons of green algae in your swimming pool, the Premier has you covered. Simply swap between its exclusive oversized leaf bag and NanoFilters™ to customize each and every clean.

What is Multi-Media?

The Most Important Part of Any Pool Robot

Nothing is more important than a pool robot's filter. Having the right filter for the job is critical and without it, a robotic pool cleaner cannot perform to its maximum potential. Unlike other cleaners that only come with one filter option, the Dolphin Premier includes 3 filters in the box so you can customize every clean to your pool's needs.

Now with Media-Alert™, Premier tracks and sends alerts to its weekly power supply when it is time to clean. With four filter options, selecting and cleaning your pool robot filter has never been easier.

dolphin Multimedia

Clean deeper than standard filters

So, What's Included?

The Dolphin Premier's Multi-Media includes the Generation 2 Filters. These advanced filters are able to capture more than pool cleaners of the past. All of these filters can be interchanged in just seconds, allowing you to customize each and every clean.

  • Oversized Leaf Bag
  • NanoFilters™
  • Standard Filter
  • Optional Disposable Debris Bag

What's the advantage of each filter? Let's dive in and see.

What goes inside. Stays inside.

With Multi-Media™, Dolphin Engineers have done the impossible. Thanks to Premier's Dual Commercial Grade Motors, it filters over 4500 GPH in your swimming pool. Acting as a second filter, it can clean and clear algae with its included NanoFilters™

The Only Dolphin with a Leaf Bag

Clean Leaves, Twigs, & More

Nearly every pool owner struggles with leaves. The Dolphin Premier is our only robot with a leaf bag. Thanks to its innovative ProLine™ design and larger commercial-grade motors, the Premier is able to utilize the Oversized Leaf Bag - something no other Dolphin model can claim.

With the ability to capture more leaves and a greater capacity than standard cartridges, the Leaf Bag is the perfect filter for removing leaves and small twigs. Helping you achieve a clean and healthy pool after every clean.

Dolphin Premier Leaf Bag
Dolphin Premier Nanofilter™

Algae? No Problem.


No one wants a green pool. But there is a solution: NanoFilters™. These pleated robot filters have a greater surface area and are more efficient than their mesh counterparts. Both types of filters capture leaves, large debris, but only the NanoFilters™ capture algae, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and other microscopic debris. Once trapped, the increased surface area handles a higher volume on contaminants - allowing what's trapped inside to stay inside. These filters give swimming pool water the crystal clear and polished look every pool owner wants.

Clear up cloudy pool water

NanoFilter™ vs Standard Filter

Pool filters of the past have been primarily plastic mesh. This nearly transparent material is great for capturing larger particles, but fail to capture the smaller microscopic particles. Sand and small algae would continue to pollute your pool.

But with NanoFiltration™ Technology, these filters act as a gatekeeper. It captures microscopic algae, oil, and other contaminants in your swimming pool that would otherwise be recirculated in your pool. The difference is clear. Read why so many pool owners make the switch to NanoFilters™

Dolphin Standard vs NanoFilter™
Dolphin Premier Standard Filter

Maximize Performance

Standard Fine Filter

Also included with the Premier, the standard filter is great for capturing larger leaves, debris, and even insects, the standard filter help maximize the flow rate. While not as robust as its NanoFilter™ counterpart, the standard filter is great at capturing leaves and large sediment within your pool. These panels snap out and rinse out in just seconds. So you can get back to what's important: enjoying your swimming pool.

Don't want to clean?

Disposable Debris Bags

Make your life even easier. With Premier's disposable debris bag, just simply throw out the used bag and in with the new. This add-on is exclusive to the Premier and is loved by hundreds of pool owners. Never has cleaning been as easy as removing the bag and adding a new one. It is that simple.

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