ProLine™ Robots Robotic Pool Cleaners

ProLine™ Robots are equipped with exclusive professional-grade features you won’t find on other robots. You’ll get NanoFilters™ for ultimate filtration, Commercial Grade Motors for increased power and mobility and Waterline Cleaning for 100% pool surface coverage. And because there’s no Restocking Fee ever, you can try any of them in your own pool for 30 days.

Dolphin NanoFilters


The most advanced filters yet. With NanoFilters™, each ProLine robot can filter the smallest microscopic particles from your pool water. Often overlooked, the filter is the most important part of any pool robot.

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Dolphin ProLine Commercial Motors

Commercial Grade Motors

More power equals better filtration. Commercial grade motors of the ProLine power the Premier to tackle any obstacle, whether its algae, leaves, or other debris - as Premier filters over 4500 GPH in your pool.

Dolphin ProLine Waterline Cleaning

Waterline Cleaning

The essential feature you need. Premier's tileline cleaning allows it to clean all of your pool. Unlike other robots that stick to the floor and maybe half the pool wall, the Premier has ultimate coverage.

Dolphin ProLine No Restocking Fee

No Restocking Fee Ever.

Unlike other robots, ProLine™ robots will never include a hidden restocking fee. Your robotic pool cleaner is an investment, and ProLine™ makes it easy to try for 30 days.


What is a ProLine™ Robot?

ProLine™ Robots come equipped with professional-grade features, options, and filters. Setting the benchmark for all robotic pool cleaners, the ProLine™ delivers the newest robotic pool cleaner technology for 2024.

Dolphin Premier climbing steps


The Most Powerful Filters Yet.

Unlike any robots before, the ProLine™ robot sets the benchmark. With increased performance, waterline cleaning, NanoFilters™, and no restocking fee ever, it is easy to see why so many pool owners make the switch to Dolphin ProLine™.


The Flagship Robot.

top dolphin robot


Efficiency Demands Power.

All ProLine™ robots boast a pair of larger, more powerful motors precisely controlled via microcontroller. These motors increase efficiency and suction power. Its advanced, adaptive and highly adept chassis with dual stabilizers was engineered for an ideal balance of composure and confidence. Because of this philosophy, Dolphin has succeeded in reducing the energy consumption of today’s pool cleaner by nearly 90%.

New for 2024

Out with the old. In with the new.

There are two types of cartridge filters available on modern robotic pool cleaners. Often overlooked, the filter is perhaps the most important part of any pool robot. Filters work via a mechanical process called sieving. The pore size determines what size particles are stopped and what size pass through. The basic filter found on most pool robots is a large pore plastic mesh which is first-generation technology. This type of filter is now common on discount pool cleaners. While fine for trapping large particles, it allows smaller particles to pass through.

Now with NanoFilters™, the Dolphin Premier's Multi-Media™ gets taken to the next level with the new second-generation filter. Capturing more debris than the standard filter, Premier's NanoFiltration™ increases water transparency by cleaning tough algae, debris, and microparticulate. Leaving your pool crystal clear every time.

NanoFilter™ Close Up
Dolphin Standard vs NanoFilter™

A New Benchmark

Powerful & Efficient

This micro-pore spun-bonded polyester fabric looks much different. Under a high-powered microscope, you’ll see the individual fibers intersect, creating a tight mesh through which water flows and small particles are trapped. This webbed structure can sieve small micron particles. The deep pleats really grab hold of so much gunk that you’ll be shocked at what comes out of your pool. A pleated filter delivers a second advantage – it has a much larger surface area, capturing more waterborne particles while maintaining a relatively low resistance to water flow.


Energy Efficiency Leader

The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner provides a whole new focus on sustainability. The first automatic pool cleaner was invented in 1974. It required an old-fashioned AC motor to push water through a pipe to propel the cleaner and provide suction. Forcing water through long, small diameter pipes under high pressure creates friction and backpressure. Pool cleaners that run on conventional AC motors burn a staggering 1,470 watts of energy. Millions of pool owners still rely on inefficient suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners that waste hundreds of dollars each year.

Easy In. Easy Out.

dolphin robot scrubbing

Dual High Output Motors

dolphin robot motors


Ultra-Efficient DC Motors

There was an opportunity to get more from less. To optimize the work input to work output. Enter the era of robotic pool cleaners. Inefficient AC motors were eliminated. Powerful permanent magnet DC motors were installed onboard the Dolphin Premier cleaner, eliminating friction losses and backpressure.

Famous for a high ratio of torque to inertia, the DC motor can provide up to five times its rated torque, without stalling. 24-volt DC motors require 87% less energy than the motors that power old-fashioned pool cleaners. The Premier Dolphin pool cleaner runs on just 180 watts for an operating cost of just 5 cents per hour.

The Science of Clean

Oil Absorbing Material

NanoFilters™ are made from a very small pore polyester material that absorbs oil. That’s a good thing because you don’t want sunscreen creating an oil slick on the surface of the pool or scum lines on the tile. When oil is caught in the robot’s Nanofilter, it forms a transparent sheath over the trapped debris. This gunk is then washed off when the filter is cleaned, providing a valuable method to improve turbidity and improve the transparency of the water.

Dolphin Premier Nanofilter™
Dolphin Premier Nanofilter™

Pleated Filter Outperform

Turbidity Has Met Its Match

Small pore pleated filters deliver a higher level of filtration and are more efficient than non-pleated filters at capturing all types of microscopic waterborne particles. Both types of filters will capture leaves, large sediment, and insects but only pleated Nanofilters capture pollen, algae, bacteria, pet dander, and other microscopic debris. Once trapped, the increased pleated surface area can handle a higher volume of contaminants. Turbidity is the cloudy appearance of pool water caused by small suspended particles, leading to a very difficult or impossible to properly disinfect water. Pool water with little or no turbidity will have that crystal clear and polished look sought after by pool owners.

The Preferred Choice of Pool Owners

Advantage Nanofilter

So, think of the Nanofilter cartridge as the booster to your pool’s overall water quality, removing a large amount of contaminants before it ever gets to your pool’s main filter. For these reasons, the pleated Nanofilter is the preferred choice for many pool owners.

Top Dolphin Robot
MULTIMEDIA™ specially designed for leaves
dolphin Multimedia



Designed exclusively for the Dolphin Premier, MultiMedia™ includes 3 filter sets, with an optional 4th disposable debris bag. Swap quickly between NanoFilters™ and the Oversized Leaf Bag to ensure you can capture any debris. From leaves to microscopic particles, the Premier has you covered.


ProLine™ Robots Pool Robots

Browse all of our 2024 ProLine™ Models. Every robot includes NanoFilters™, Commercial Grade Motors, Waterline Cleaning, and No Restocking Fee Ever.

Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Sigma

The most advanced Maytronics robot ever. The Dolphin Sigma's revolutionary gyroscope, myDolphin Plus app, and NanoFilters™ combine for an automated and more powerful clean - allowing you to sit back and enjoy your pool.

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Dolphin Premier

Dolphin Premier

The Premier stands out with its exclusive MultiMedia™ technology. With the ability to switch between it's oversized leaf bag and NanoFilters™ in seconds, nothing can stop you from an extraordinary clean.

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Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Quantum

Equipped with the largest top-loading NanoFilter Maxbin™ and programmable timer, the Quantum paves the way as the entry-level ProLine robot. Its powerful DC motors, PowerJet 3D Mobility, & SmartNav 2.0 power it over any obstacle.

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