A New Beginning

NanoFilter: Filtration Reinvented

Often overlooked, the filter is perhaps the most important part of any pool robot. As the first robotic pool cleaner ever with Multi-Media™ filtration and Nanofiltration, the Dolphin Premier marks the beginning of a new era for Maytronics as the company systematically expands its product range. The Nanofilter is a unique package offering typical Dolphin performance and comprehensive everyday usability. The models available today with Nanofiltration include the Dolphin Premier, Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Quantum. At the cutting edge of Dolphin performance, each is among the most powerful robots the manufacturer currently has in its product range.

New for 2024

Next Generation Technology

There are two types of cartridge filters available on modern robotic pool cleaners. Often overlooked, the filter is perhaps the most important part of any pool robot. Filters work via a mechanical process called sieving. The pore size determines what size particles are stopped and what size pass through. The basic filter found on most pool robots is a large pore plastic mesh which is first generation technology. This type of filter is now common on discount pool cleaners. While fine for trapping large particles, it allows smaller particles to pass through.

Dolphin Standard vs NanoFilter™

Setting a New Benchmark

Micro Pore Innovation Onboard

The second generation type of filter is the Nanofilter™ cartridge, a high-efficiency particulate filter that effectively prevents contaminants from recirculating in the water we swim in.

This micro-pore spun-bonded polyester fabric looks much different. Under a high-powered microscope, you’ll see the individual fibers intersect, creating a tight mesh through which water flows and small particles are trapped. This webbed structure can sieve small micron particles. The deep pleats really grab hold of so much gunk that you’ll be shocked at what comes out of your pool. A pleated filter delivers a second advantage – it has a much larger surface area, capturing more waterborne particles while maintaining a relatively low resistance to waterflow.

The Science of Clean

Oil Absorbing Material

There’s a 3rd advantage which cannot be overlooked. Polyester has a tendency to absorb oil. That’s a good thing because you don’t want sunscreen creating an oil slick on the surface of the pool or scum lines on the tile. When oil is caught in the robot’s Nanofilter, it forms a transparent sheath over the trapped debris. This gunk is then washed off when the filter is cleaned, providing a valuable method to improve turbidity and improve the transparency of the water.

NanoFilter™ Close Up
Dolphin Premier Nanofilter™

Pleated Filter Outperform

Turbidity Has Met Its Match

Pleated robot filters deliver a higher level of filtration and are more efficient than non-pleated filters at capturing all types of microscopic waterborne particles. Both types of filters will capture leaves, large sediment, and insects but only pleated Nanofilters capture pollen, algae, bacteria, pet dander, and other microscopic debris. Once trapped, the increased pleated surface area can handle a higher volume of contaminants. Turbidity is the cloudy appearance of pool water caused by small suspended particles, leading to a very difficult or impossible to properly disinfect water. Pool water with little or no turbidity will have that crystal clear and polished look sought after by pool owners.

The Preferred Choice of Pool Owners

Advantage Nanofilter

So, think of the Nanofilter cartridge as the booster to your pool’s overall water quality, removing a large amount of contaminants before it ever gets to your pool’s main filter. For these reasons, the pleated Nanofilter is the preferred choice for many pool owners.

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Multi-Media™ specially designed for leaves
dolphin Multimedia



Designed exclusively for the Dolphin Premier, Multi-Media™ includes 3 filter sets, with an optional 4th dispossable debris bag. Swap quickly between NanoFilters™ and the Oversized Leaf Bag to ensure you can capture any debris. From leaves to microscopic particles, the Premier has you covered.


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