Dolphin T25 versus Dolphin Premier®

Compare Features, Filters, and Warranty

Dolphin T25
Dolphin Premier Pro Line Pool Robot

Dolphin T25

Dolphin Premier® Robotic Cleaner

yes T25 includes

yes Premier® includes

Cleans floor and some of wall (no tile / waterline)Ultimate Coverage - Full floor, wall, and waterline coverage
Includes 1 filter option - Standard filter Multi-Media™ - Includes Oversized Leaf Bag, NanoFilters™, & Standard Filter
Filters 4000 GPH Filters 4500 GPH - Powered by dual commercial grade motors
2 Year Warranty Best-in-class 3 year warranty
Programmable Weekly Timer - Schedule cleanings every 24, 48, 72 hrs Programmable Weekly Timer - Schedule cleanings every 24, 48, 72 hrs
Anti-Tangle Swivel - Patented 360 Degree Rotation
Only Dolphin with a leaf bag
Media-Alert® - Premier lets you know when it's time to clean
Disposable Debris Bag Option

yes T25 does not include

yes Premier® does not include

No Multi-Media™ available
No Waterline Cleaning - Does not clean tileline, waterline, or scumline
No NanoFilters™ - Advanced filtration that captures fine particulate, green, and cloudy pool water
No 3 Year Warranty - 33% shorter warranty
No Full Filter Indicator - Lets you know when to clean filters
No Remote Control Capability
In-Store Exclusive - Not Available Online



Dolphin T25

Waterline Cleaning yes  
Multi-Media™ yes  
Standard Filter yes  
Leaf Bag
($149.99 Value)
Disposable Debris Bags
Ultra-Fine Filters yes  
Programmable Timer yes  
Full Filter Indicator yes  
Remote Control
Dual Stabilizer yes  
Cable Swivel yes  
3 Year Warranty yes  

Dolphin Premier®

Waterline Cleaning yes  
Multi-Media™ yes  
Standard Filter yes  
Leaf Bag
($149.99 Value)
Disposable Debris Bags
($79.99 Value)
Programmable Timer yes  
Full Filter Indicator yes  
Remote Control
Dual Stabilizer yes  
Cable Swivel yes  
3 Year Warranty yes  

Head To Head Review Analysis

Compare the Dolphin T25 to the Dolphin Premier

Both are designed to effectively clean your pool's floor and walls, but only the Dolphin Premier cleans the waterline. While the Dolphin T25 will miss the waterline. Breaking down their filters, the Dolphin Premier® includes 3 filter options (with a 4th optional). The Dolphin T25 includes only one filter option, the Standard Cartridge Filter, but won't include the Oversized Leaf Bag or the Ultra-Fine Filter. The Dolphin Premier has a 50% longer warranty compared to the T25. The Premier has a 3-year best-in-class warranty, while the Dolphin T25 has a 2 year warranty.

Dolphin Premier Waterline
Ultimate Pool Coverage of the pool floor, walls, and waterline

Filter Options

What’s even better than having 2 sets of filtration options? How about 3 or 4. There’s only one Dolphin pool cleaner with this feature. MultiMedia is a Dolphin Premier exclusive feature. Premier includes Fine, Ultra Fine, and a Leaf Bag. In addition, you can get disposable filter bags so you can just toss ‘em in the trash when you’re done. You can even subscribe to a service to ship these monthly.

Dolphin Premier Multi-Media®
Premier's Multi-Media® Technology - 3 Filter Options Included

Robotic pool cleaners with multiple filter media let you customize your pool’s cleaning job based on its needs that day. Use an ultra-fine filter to capture smaller particles, use a standard cartridge for a regular clean, use the oversized leaf bag after a storm, and perhaps disposable for the really dirty jobs.

The T25 comes with one filter option, while the Premier® has Multi-Media®, which offers four different filter media options. This gives you the ability to customize your cleaning based on your pool's needs. If you need to pick up leaves, you can use the oversized leaf bag or disposable leaf bag. If you need to clean up regular debris, you can use the fine filter cartridge. Finally, if you need to pick up fine dust and other micro particles, you can use the ultra-fine cartridge.

The Dolphin Premier includes:

  • Oversized Leaf Bag
  • Standard Cartridge Filter Set
  • NanoFilter™ Cartridge Set
  • Optional Disposable Debris Bag (sold separately)

The Dolphin T25 includes:

  • Standard Cartridge Filter

Unlock Your Robot’s Full Potential

There are two types of filters available on modern robotic pool cleaners. The first generation robots will have a filter consisting of a large pore plastic mesh. The second generation type is the NanoFilter™ cartridge, which is a high-efficiency particulate filter. The large pore mesh filter is the more basic type and is found on many discount pool cleaners, while the Nanofilter is the more advanced option. Under a microscope, you can see the Nanofilter’s individual fibers intersecting to create a tight mesh. This webbed structure is able to sieve even the smallest of micron particles. Additionally, the filter’s deep pleats provide a larger surface area, meaning more waterborne particles can be trapped while having relatively low resistance to waterflow.

Dolphin Premier Multi-Media®
NanoFilter™ vs Standard Filter

The NanoFilter™ also has the benefit of being able to absorb oil, which is beneficial for keeping sunscreen and scum lines from forming on the pool’s surface. Overall, the pleated Nanofilter is more efficient than the plastic mesh filter at capturing all types of microscopic waterborne particles, including pollen, algae, bacteria, pet dander, and other debris. Not only does this improve the amount of contaminants that are removed from the water, but it also leads to a higher level of clarity and sparkle in the pool. The Nanofilter serves as an important booster to the pool’s main filter, and for this reason, it is the preferred choice for many pool owners.

The NanoFilters™ capture more dirt, sand, and even oil out of your pool than the standard filter cartridges, making a NanoFilter™ a must-have for any pool robot. Without it, these particles will be left inside of your pool and can lead to poor water chemistry.

Ease of Use

Both robots have a similar setup process and weigh about the same. To set up either one, simply plug the power supply into an outdoor outlet, plug the unit into the power supply, drop the unit into the water, and press start. Both robots have a weekly timer with options for daily, every other day, and every three-day cycles.

Dolphin Premier Oversized Leaf Bag
Oversized Leaf Bag, a Dolphin Premier Exclusive

Cleaning Performance

In terms of cleaning performance, the Dolphin Premier® is capable of cleaning pool floors, walls, and waterline (also called the scum line), which is the most vulnerable part of the pool to dirt, grime, and algae buildup. This is especially important for robotic pool cleaners because if the bot doesn't clean the scum line, you'll still need to manually brush the pool afterwards. The Dolphin T25 only covers the pool floors and walls, missing the waterline entirely. While it will clean your pool floors and walls, expect it to miss your waterline entirely.


The Premier® has an extra feature to improve user experience, a full filter bag indicator. This indicator will let you know when the filter bag is full and needs to be cleaned, as well as when it is partially blocked and needs to be cleared out. This indicator is not present on the T25.

Anti-Tangle Swivel

Only the Dolphin Premier includes an anti-tangle swivel, which helps minimize cord tangling. The Patented Tangle Free Swivel from Maytronics allows the robot to rotate 360 degrees without your cord getting tangled. Without it, the T25's cord can get tangled and caught up in your pool.


The Premier® offers a longer warranty: 36 months (3 years) compared to the T25' 24 month warranty (2 years).

Which is the better pool robot?

Overall, the Dolphin Premier offers more customizable filter options, an Oversized Leaf Bag, better pool coverage with waterline cleaning, an anti-tangle swivel, and a 50% longer warranty when compared to the Dolphin T25.

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Dolphin T25 Dolphin Premier

Part Number 99996137-WINF 99996339-SPL
Waterline Cleaning No Yes
Multi-Media™ No Yes
# of Filters Included: 1 3
Filter Cleaning Top Access Oversized Leaf Bag, Ultra-fine Cartridges, Standard Cartridges, & Optional Disposable Debris bag
Cleaning Coverage Floor and Walls Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Cycle 2 hours 3 hours
Number of Brushes 1 2
Cable Length 50 ft 60 ft
Anti-Tangle Swivel No Yes
Pool Types In Ground In Ground
Maximum Pool Size 33 ft 50 ft
Pool Shape Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Obstacles Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Surface Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Liner Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass
Media-Alert® No Yes
Automated Weekly Timer Yes Yes
Remote operation No Yes - Optional Physical Remote
ProLine™ No Yes
Restocking Fee No
Warranty 2 Years 3 Years
Save $450
Save $450


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